My Projects


This piece didn’t really mean much to me at first. It was just a learning project based off of stumbling. But I did really like how it turned out.

Starbucks Teavana, Peaches and Passion Fruit Blossoms

A little pen point project I did for my Starbucks coffee shop

Quetzal bird

A promotional disign I did at work for one of our Starbucks coffee brands

Tea cup

My beautiful lady and her cup of tea. This was my final painting project for my fall semester in college.

Mother Mermaid

My best friend and my future god daughter inspired me with this painting. I based the colors off of my friends wedding.


Starbuck Sleeping Siren

Chalk marking are the worst thing I’ve ever encountered. But that doesn’t stop me for from designing fun artwork for my coffee shop.


Fox lady

About done with is base layer. Really hoping this pice goes well. Acrylic on canvas